Starlings are an invasive species of birds that are found throughout the US. They are glossy black with a metallic sheen and white spots. They have a yellow bill in the summer and black bill in the winter.



Starlings are adaptable and can be found anywhere from a country to a city environment. 



Starlings are a very social bird and are commonly found together in large groups. They are insectivorous but will eat fruit and some crops. Starlings are cavity nesters, typically having three to five eggs per nest and nesting once or twice a breeding season. 



In flocks, Starlings can generate large amounts of feces and crop damage. They can also enter buildings and homes to nest. A common Starling nuisance issue is when they nest in the exhaust vents of a home. Typically, the Starlings will build a nest and have their young in the flex tube to either a bathroom or dryer. They can also infest your home with bird mites. It is important to use a wildlife professional when attempting to remove these birds from a home or business. 


Terminix control and removal:

The most important part of Starling removal is ensuring proper exclusion to prevent them from re-entering the home once they have been removed. This can be achieved by sealing gaps around the home, and placing caps on devices such as vents, exhaust valves, and other protrusions from a structure.


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